Post-Abortion Distress

Do You Struggle with your decision? Healing and Freedom Awaits You.

Our abortion recovery small groups are a non-judgmental space to talk about the complex emotions surrounding an abortion experience. But it’s more than just talking – it’s offering a powerful opportunity to emerge from isolation, gain new perspective and connect with others who seek healing.


At The Keim Centers, we understand and we’re here to support you. Our men’s and women’s small groups are taught by facilitators who have also been impacted by an abortion decision. Our small groups present a way to unlock the emotional freedom you are seeking. We offer 10-week long classes throughout South Hampton Roads throughout the entire year. Begin this journey to freedom and healing today.

What is Post Abortion Syndrome?

A widely used term for emotion problems associated with abortion is “post-abortion syndrome” or PAS. Post-Abortion Syndrome has been proposed as a diagnosis for those women and men who experience a specific, related set of emotional reactions. It is proposed as a subset of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder when it is the result of an abortion. Many women and men who have emotional problems after an abortion fit within the diagnosis for PTSD. It results in intense fear, feelings of helplessness or being trapped, or loss of control.

Symptoms of Post-Abortion Distress


Low self esteem

Feels she/he deserves punishment

Suicidal thoughts

Panic attacks

Feeling irresponsible

Frequent job changes

Lack of trust


Sleep disturbance


Risk taking






Disposition to secrecy

Alcohol or drug abuse

Reduced motivation

Loss of normal pleasures

Self-punishing behavior

I WAS ABOUT 6 MONTHS PREGNANT with our second son when thoughts and feelings of my previous abortions rippled through my veins.

Ending the life of my unborn child was never simply a choice… and the aftermath was anything but inconsequential. I was overcome by feelings of unworthiness. Unbeknownst to me, I was in a downward spiral of deep depression.

Thankfully, I found all the help I needed through ARM. I grieved my losses, accepted forgiveness, and forgave everyone involved in my experiences… including myself. Through ARM, I found healing – not just healing from my abortion experiences, but total emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual healing.


After just one intimate experience, Ben’s girlfriend was pregnant.


They talked about what they should do, but never made a decision. Ben hoped by ignoring the situation it would just work out. But it didn’t. His girlfriend didn’t have the support of her parents, who demanded she have an abortion and Ben pay for it. Afterward, Ben experienced severe emotional numbness, confusion, and separation. He used alcohol and cutting to hide from the pain. Many years later, married and a new dad, Ben realized his son was his second child. He regretted not embracing his role as protector of his first child. He also recognized he needed healing. After years of not being able to process his experience, Ben joined one of The Keim Centers’ small groups for men. For the first time, he could talk to someone who understood. Ben now reaches out to other men struggling with their decision.


“If I never attended a group, I would still be dealing with this emotional scar in my life.”

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