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Visit The Keim Center for your lab-grade pregnancy test, practical help throughout your pregnancy, and community resources and referrals. All services available at NO cost to you!

Great Expectations are pregnancy care and infant care classes designed to give you a great start during pregnancy and empower you to care for your baby after birth. It’s a casual, fun atmosphere where you’ll meet other parents and learn valuable parenting skills.

Classes are at NO cost to you, taught by medical professionals.


You can learn…

Infant CPR

Labor and Delivery

Budgeting for Your Baby


… and much more!

Great Expectations

offers you a community experience, with opportunities to meet new people and make lasting, supportive friendships for a lifetime.

Experience Community

Great Expectations Participant

It has been much more than I expected… It helps you feel like you can keep going.

Experience Support

Great Expectations Participant

I really didn’t have the money for anything, and now my baby has so much stuff!